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We can’t jump off bridges anymore because our iPhones will get ruined. We can’t take skinny dips in the ocean because there’s no service on the beach and adventures aren’t real unless they’re on Instagram. Technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventure and we’re helping destroy it every time we Google, check-in, and hashtag.

Humour is a spontaneous, wonderful bit of an outburst that just comes. It's unbridled, its unplanned, it's full of surprises.

There was something horribly depressing, she felt, about watching the weather report. That life could be planned like the perfect summer picnic drained it of spontaneity.

Overplanning kills magic.

Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.

Something just flashes into your mind, so exciting, and you must out with it. If you stop to think it over, you spoil it.

This is what Spontaneity is all about - creative response.

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August, 30th

New website launch

As we launch our new website, it's worth noting how diverse we are... 

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